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True Creative Success: Major career leaps, doing your truest creative work

True Creative Success is designed to bring out your truest creative work–and catapult you to a new level of career and income success.

You will do your truest, best, and most original work… tap into a divine inner guidance to discover opportunities that seem magical and miraculous… and bring your true creative work and money-making together–in a way that is exactly right for you and advances all your life goals.

Client successes include

  • Major career advances: getting an agent, producing a TV show with a celebrity’s production company, publishing a book, making films, publishing regularly with The New Yorker, winning industry awards, and more
  • Income leaps: Highly lucrative launches; doubling or tripling income
  • Creative: Discovering the creative direction that is TRULY right, launching new creative careers and projects, replacing lucrative but unfulfilling work with creative work that’s truly theirs, doing their deepest, best, and most creative work

True Creative Success is for people who have had experience and success with their creative work and are ready to take a major career leap–doing their truest creative work.

To be a fit for True Creative Success, you must meet these criteria:

  • You have talent, dedication, and motivation
  • You’ve already achieved some external creative success 
  • You’ve made money with your creativity (whether it’s through a “creative day job,” grants and fellowships, or “commercial” work)

This program will be especially powerful for you if you’ve been holding back on doing your TRUE creative work to “make money” or “play it safe.” It’s for you if you’re longing to do your TRUEST and most CREATIVE work–and experience SUCCESS doing it.

True Creative Success is a five-figure investment.

Next steps

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If you’re a good fit, we’ll get back to you with details about the program. If not, we will recommend other programs or resources.

Blessings to you on your creative path.

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