Notes on how to do your creative work and create the life you want.

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Work with Me

You have big talent, ambitions, and desires.

It’s time for your external reality to match the bigness of what you want. Deep, true work that moves people… big career breakthroughs… awards, recognition, money, and more: you can have it.

Here’s how to work with me.


1) Artist in Action: Get over what stops you–and do your creative work

Do your creative work regularly and easily.

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Group program


2) CREATE! Mastermind: Create your breakthrough masterpiece

Create a high-level, career-changing piece of work: your breakthrough masterpiece.

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Group program


3) Creative Witchery® Success Activation: Get past your plateau–and open the floodgates for income, recognition, and success

Discover why you’ve unknowingly plateaued.

Transform the core dynamic that keeps you from seeing the career-changing steps that will land massive opportunity in your lap.

Open to channel the work that leads to the big publications, prizes, and money.

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Private session


4) True Creative Success: Major career leaps, doing your truest creative work

Create major CAREER SUCCESS doing your TRUE creative work.

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1-on-1 coaching