Notes on how to do your creative work and create the life you want.

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Creative Witchery Sisterhood: Free Your Creative Magic

Do your creative work and create the life you want

The Creative Witchery Sisterhood is a sacred mastermind and group coaching program designed to help you do your creative work and create a life that supports your creative work.

In the Creative Witchery Sisterhood, you’ll set a powerful foundation for your ideal creative life and work. You’ll discover how to work “the magic of creation” to do your truest, most powerful creative work–and create the life you want.


Who it’s for

The Creative Witchery Sisterhood is for talented, creative women who are ready take off the “inner brakes,” unleash their creative flow, and finally create the lives they want.

You are deeply creative, but you haven’t always given your creative work the focus or time it deserves. Maybe you’re unclear about which project to pursue or how to balance your creative time with other life priorities (money, family, relationships, home, etc). You feel your own potential–and you don’t want it to go to waste.

You want to tap into your “creative magic,” do your best and most original creative work, and create a life you love.

You want a clear vision of your big goals–and an action plan to get you there.

You want a foundation of practices to help you access your creativity, stay focused on your creative work, and keep moving towards all your goals.

You want a supportive community of powerful women on the same journey of creative discovery.


What you get

Do your creative work and create the life you want

  • Access your divine inner guidance to find the fastest, easiest path to the life you want
  • Transform the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual blocks that keep you from doing your creative work and creating the life you want
  • Find the time, space, energy, and support to do your creative work
  • Uncover the unconscious beliefs that hold you back–and put in place a fresh mindset that lifts and empowers you
  • Discover how to work with your fears, anxieties and other emotions–so that your feelings become a source of energy and power
  • Bring out your passion, courage, and determination… and light your internal creative fire
  • Connect to your spirit: Know deep in your heart that you are on the right path… “download” solutions to the obstacles that feel magical and miraculous… and channel your most inspired, powerful creative work

Uncover the TRUE KNOWING already within you… and discover the plan for your CREATIVE DESTINY already encoded in your body and soul. Clear the fog of FEAR, break the hex of mediocrity, wipe the haze of meekness from your eyes and… claim your birthright to unapologetic JOY… EVERY day. Burn for your CRAFT and harness the power of CREATION deep within you. Open your mind to the flow of exact steps behind your creative DESTINY and move towards your dream with EASE and TRUST and SUPPORT

You will BE the woman who knows her own path deep in her soul, dances in the playground of her imagination, and lights up the world with her magic. Unleash your magical creatrix powers… and create the life your soul is craving.

This program is a mid-four figure investment and includes

  • Ten deep-dive group coaching calls (held over Zoom, 75 min each)
  • Two “Elements of Creative Witchery” virtual retreats to activate your magical creatrix powers (3 hours)
  • One Get Your Creative Work Done day (5 hrs)
  • Access to the Creative Witchery Sisterhood Facebook group for support and community
  • Six months of membership in the Creative Witchery Circle
To be considered for the Creative Witchery Sisterhood, fill out the application below.

If you are a good candidate, we will schedule a brief call (30-45 min) to talk about what you wish to get out of the program and confirm that it is a good fit.

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