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Yes, Please!

Creativity Witchery Breakthrough Session

VALUE: $297


The Creativity Witchery breakthrough session is for YOU if you are a talented, creative person ready to

  • Create a thriving creative practice
  • Transform the blocks that keep you from creating
  • Joyfully become the artist and creative you were always meant to be

If you’re serious about your creative vision and career, this breakthrough session is for you.

Apply for a FREE breakthrough session:

I give away a limited number of free breakthrough sessions.

These sessions are powerful.

I would love for everyone to have the results that come from these sessions (people have transformed their lives), but here’s the truth: Not everyone is ready to ACT on what they uncover. My time is precious, and so is yours. Are you ready to be unstoppable in reaching your goals?

I offer these sessions to people who are ready to invest in a coaching program (if we’re a good fit, of course).

If this is you, fill out the form below. We’ll contact you if you’re chosen for a free breakthrough session.

NOTE: My private coaching programs begin in the five figure range. I work with highly motivated people who commit to themselves–with time, energy, money, and action.

If you are not ready to invest at this level, you can take a look at the low or no-cost resources on my website.


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