Notes on how to do your creative work and create the life you want.

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JoyFULL Creativity

JoyfullTM Creativity: Free your creative self. Be the artist you were meant to be.

You’re talented and creative, with a big vision… but you haven’t fulfilled your creative vision.

You’ve held yourself back by focusing on your fears, putting other people or projects first, or not allowing yourself to go all out.

However, now you’re committed to yourself and ready to do what it takes. You will bring your creativity and vision into the world.  You’re determined to be who you were meant to be.

The JoyFULL™ Creativity program is designed to give you the practical, emotional, and creative support you need to be a working writer, artist, or creator (ie, filmmaker, designer, composer, choreographer, etc). Over four months, you will transform the blocks that keep you from creating, put into place a regular creative practice, and joyfully become the artist and creative you were always meant to be.

Results you can expect from this program:

  • Identify and transform the blocks that keep you from creating
  • Give yourself permission to be creative
  • Stop avoiding and self-sabotaging–befriend your inner critic so it becomes a support for high-quality work (instead of a source of self-blame)
  • Develop a regular artistic practice
  • Overcome scheduling challenges–and find time for your creative work
  • Discover powerful techniques to jumpstart your creative process
  • Know how to deepen your creativity and connect to the truth within
  • Create from a place of joy and magic
  • Become the artist and creative you were always meant to be

Ready to step into your creative self?