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Make the journey from SINGLE to JOYFULLY MARRIED

Make the Journey from SINGLE to JOYFULLY MARRIED

  • Are you a loving, self-aware, and successful woman… but still haven’t found “the one”?
  • Are you frustrated with long relationships that don’t work out, casual dating that goes nowhere, or the sheer difficulty of finding a man who is truly right for you?
  • Are you ready to start dating with ease, purpose, and joy? To connect fully from your heart with a man who loves all that you are? To finally share your life with “the one”?

If you are, HeartFULLove coaching might be for you. Imagine how good it would feel to have a heart-opening, fulfilling, and inspiring relationship—for life. To be your full and passionate self with the man you love. To share everyday moments of tenderness… to walk through life together… and to move forward in other areas of your life, confident in the love and support of your life partner. This is possible for you. Not only is it possible, but you can feel joyful and authentic—and wholly connected to your heart as you move towards marriage with ease and grace. Through HeartFULLove coaching, you can learn to
fiery heart

  • Connect with what your heart truly desires in a partner
  • Transform the unconscious blocks and patterns that keep you single
  • Present and express your authentic self in a way that attracts the right man
  • Quickly identify men with commitment problems, emotional issues, and other barriers to successful partnering
  • Learn to easily navigate dating, letting go of “wrong” men and inspiring the right men to pursue commitment with you
  • Move through the relationship journey—from that first connection to your walk down the aisle—with ease and grace and flow


My love journey

I live in Brooklyn with my amazing husband and adorable son. I love our life, our life, our family. But, this life—and my happiness—didn’t come naturally.

I spent years drifting into relationships, hoping that each boyfriend would become “the one”—that I could somehow change those few (or many) things that made him wrong for me. I stayed in relationships even when they were incredibly painful, or didn’t feel right, or the other person wasn’t committed. And, while I stayed, I tortured myself. Was it him? Was it me? Was I too demanding, too idealistic, too commitment-shy? Could I hope for better, or was I fooling myself? In the end, my discomfort would win out and I would end the relationship… only to have the cycle begin again. It was a frustrating and draining process… until finally, at age 36, fresh out of a long and painful relationship, I knew this pattern had to change. I committed to truly changing what I was doing—and to finding the man I would marry.

question-heartWhat I realized then was this: I had no idea how to date. No idea how to quickly determine if a man had issues that would make him wrong for me. And so my learning process began. I read books and took classes. I dated. I learned from my mistakes.

I drew on my years of couple’s workshops and relationship training (from all those efforts to make relationships work!). I talked to single friends and married friends about their own efforts to find “the one.” I listened to the experiences of women who were perpetually single, women who had trouble getting past the first few months, women in love with men who were unavailable or addicts or riddled with emotional problems, women who were living with men but wondered if they’d ever get married.

As I talked to women about my experiences and theirs, I realized I was learning what so many single women want to know: How do I find and meet great men? How do I date? How do I figure out—without wasting years of my life—if he won’t commit, has emotional issues, or has “dealbreaker” problems? How do I go from casual to committed? How do I know if he’s the one? How long should I wait for him to pop the question, and what do I do if he doesn’t? And, most of all, how do I stay relaxed, hopeful, joyful, and true to myself through all of this?

Emmeline loveAs I learned and grew, as I connected to my heart, and as I put new dating practices into place, things began to open up. I went into dates confident and relaxed, open to connection but also aware of signs that a man was wrong for me. I knew I had the ability to meet men, to be my passionate and authentic self, to stay open to love, and to take care of myself and what I needed from the relationship process. Ultimately, all this learning and growth led me to what I hoped for: I met and married an amazing man. And I want the same for you.

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