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How to apply

Please read the full job description and qualifications below.

To apply for this position, send an email per the instructions below with answers to the following questions. Please do not skip any questions.

Any applications that do not follow these instructions exactly will automatically be deleted from consideration.

  1. How does your background and experience fit the requirements for this role? (Be sure to include any specific experience or skill sets that would provide extra value for this position.)

You can provide a cover letter and resume, a link to this information on your website, an online resume, or a complete list of your past work experience in the email itself. Whichever method you choose, please make sure to address the question completely.

  1. Why does this opportunity interest you?
  2. Why do you think you’re great for this position?
  3. Share up to three examples of past experience that best demonstrate how you can excel in the role of Personal Assistant.
  4. What are the top three characteristics you have that we should consider when reviewing your application?
  5. Listen to the audio at, type the question into the body of your application email, and provide your response. (Note: The audio takes a few seconds to kick in.)
  6. What are your own goals for 2018 and beyond, and how does this opportunity fit those goals?

To submit your application, send an email to with the subject line “Application for Personal Assistant position.”

The deadline for applications is June 18, 2018. We’ll be reviewing applications starting June 19, and short list candidates will be selected at that time.

All candidates who make the short list will be required to complete an assessment and a few sample tasks so we can see your brilliance in action.

Our goal is to hire someone by the end of June and begin work in July.

Have a wonderful day, and thanks again for your interest in this position!!


Personal assistant job description and qualifications

I’m a writer and creativity/success coach looking for a motivated, enthusiastic, happy, healthy and energetic person to be a part-time personal assistant. You will be working both in our home, with everyday family tasks, and for my company.


HeartFULL LLC is a personal empowerment and creativity/success development company, with the mission of helping people do their creative work, create lives they love, and make money with their creativity. We teach “Creative Witchery,” helping people access the magic of creation in order to realize their visions. We write and publish, offer coaching and training programs, and create live experiences that enable people to transform obstacles, access their personal power, and reach their goals. The company is growing and this position has great opportunities for the right candidate, including advancement.

THE POSITION – Personal Assistant

As a personal assistant, your key job will be to keep things running smoothly, whether that means helping with ordinary household tasks and errands, taking care of administrative needs, or managing the details of an event and taking stellar care of clients. The successful candidate is comfortable crossing from everyday work in the home to professionally-run events for creative and spiritual people.

You approach all work with enthusiasm, organization, high standards, and true caring/warmth. You understand that every action you take sends a message to our clients. You understand that the first impression is a lasting impression and that your actions directly impact the bottom line of our family and company.

We are looking for the right person who can hold this position with maturity, elegance, a deep level of care and attention to detail.

As an implementer, you will apply your passionate team player approach, ability to handle a wide variety of tasks (in a changing landscape) and exceptional people skills to support our family (me, husband, two young boys) and company. You will be responsible for completing all tasks that are assigned to you (project and ongoing tasks) in a timely manner and with a high level of care and accuracy.

Here’s what you’ll be doing

Household tasks and errands

  • Pay bills
  • Pack packages for return
  • Pick up prescriptions, run errands
  • Handle the donation/sale of household items (posting things for sale online, arranging for pickups, etc)
  • Call in handyman, plumber, and other service providers
  • Research appliances and other purchases
  • Organize home office/other rooms
  • Unpack/put away groceries
  • Water plants

Administrative support

  • Make administrative phone calls (ex: answer a question about an insurance form, straighten out a mistake, etc.)
  • Schedule appointments (doctor, dentist, other)
  • Make travel plans
  • Format documents
  • Occasionally work (virtually) with VA and/or tech VA on projects

Live event support

  • Help with live events (rituals, workshops)
  • Scout event venues
  • Serve as a liaison with the venue
  • Coordinate logistics for events
  • Greet clients and take registrations and payment at the door
  • Maintain a good physical environment (make sure the environment is comfortable, food/water are available, supplies are available, etc)
  • Help with running event (cue music where necessary, pass out supplies or forms, etc)


The IDEAL PERSON for this role is/has

  • At least 2 years of applicable experience (and/or training) in the areas outlined above
  • Warm and friendly, with good people skills
  • A+ English-speaking oral and written communication skills. Our “company voice” is connected, friendly and engaging. You must be able to handle phone calls and in-person interactions in a warm and professional manner
  • Detail-oriented with a perfectionist streak; if details are not your “strong suit,” this position is not for you
  • Punctual, organized, highly reliable
  • Hard-working and efficient; driven to complete tasks in a timely manner, with the aim of having a completed to-do list at the end of each day
  • Self-motivated and able to work with little to no supervision
  • Proactive; takes initiative to solve problems and develop systems to improve efficiency
  • Good at seeing the needs of other people and proactively taking steps to support them
  • The ability to understand and communicate the company message and standards in all client interactions
  • Team player who can follow instructions
  • Strong connection with the mission and purpose of the business
  • Cares about personal growth and is dedicated to being the best version of her/himself
  • Spiritual and open to the “woo” side of things (we work with magic, after all!)


Straight up: Do NOT apply if

  • Your schedule is already loaded with clients/commitments and you are strapped for time
  • You do not have strong communication and people skills
  • You are not a “details” person
  • You miss deadlines or are late
  • You are not good at handling new situations, picking up new skills, or thinking on your feet

We have fun AND we are very serious about our mission and the quality of our work. This is a fantastic opportunity for the right person.



As much of the work is in our home, you should be available to work onsite in Brooklyn during our business hours (M-F, 10 am-6 pm) Eastern Time. Occasional work can be done off-site, but it is not the norm. Work on evenings and weekends may be required occasionally (if events take place at those time).

This position requires a commitment of 4-6 hours per week to start, as well as a commitment of at least one year (ideally two or more). If you’re excited about growing yourself with an awesome company that is up to big things, this is the position for you! This is NOT the position for you if you’re only interested in a short gig, trying to sneak some extra hours into an already-full schedule, or ultimately want to build your own empire.

Pay is monthly at $20 month for approximately 20 hours of work per month, depending on qualifications. (All required tasks are expected to be completed in the given time frame and all extra hours MUST be approved in advance.) There will be an initial 90-day trial period.

Additional benefits include possible performance-based bonuses, working from home, flexible hours, an energizing, possibility-oriented atmosphere, and regular contact with smart, dedicated, and inspiring people in creative fields as well as the internet marketing, coaching, and personal growth industries.