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Upcoming FREE workshop: Sun 3/16

Your Career After Parenting: Creating a Life You Love

  • Do you desperately need a career situation that supports your family and personal time?
  • Are you changing careers (or considering it)?
  • Are you a parent-to-be who wants a head start on work-life balance after the baby?

If you want to feel fulfilled and delighted in your work and family life (yes, it really is possible!), this workshop is for you.

Whether you want simple tweaks or a complete overhaul, you’ll start shaping a career that supports all of who you are and lets you live with joy and flow. In this workshop, you’ll

  • Connect to what you truly want in your career and life
  • Create a work-life vision that leaves you energized, fulfilled, and joyful
  • Take steps to bring your vision to life

If you’re ready to create a career and life you love, sign up for this FREE workshop now! Register at

Sun March 16, 2:30-4 p.m.—FREE
1007 Church Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11218
(Q train to Church Ave)

Please come child-free. This workshop is a commitment to yourself and your life, and your family life; it requires your full concentration.

Please share this with any friends who would benefit!!

SPECIAL BONUS: Participants will also receive discounts and gifts from some amazing, talented local coaches and service providers who work with parents.

* Musical Explorers: Through singing, dancing, story telling, improvisation, playing musical games and instrument playing, children discover the magical world of music and develop a life-long love and appreciation for music.

* Joni Lane: In today’s hothouse world of parenting, Joni Lane is a parent coach that will help you find your way through the maze. From everyday nuts-and-bolts parenting support, to deeper exploration around complex subjects of anger and fear, Joni will support you and your whole family to find authentic ease and joy in your parenting experience. For more information, visit

* Caitlin FitzGordon: Amidst the many pressures of parenting, mothers often don’t take care of themselves. Caitlin FitzGordon’s coaching practice, Core Birthing, helps women cultivate self-care so they can not only survive but also thrive.

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