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Yes, Please!

Sometimes it’s easier than you think (part 2)

EXERCISE: Hard times or great expectations?

Think of an action you’ve been dreading: a responsibility, task, or obligation in your life. Take out a piece of paper and answer these questions.

First, let’s do some “preliminary screening” to see if it’s something you truly need to do. Ask yourself:

  1. Is it in line with your core values? Is this action essential to creating a life that you want? If not, consider not doing it. You’d be surprised how many “urgent” things take care of themselves if you leave the situation alone.
  2. Is it important that you yourself take this action? You might also be able to delegate, find someone who would enjoy doing it, or pay someone else to do it.

If it’s truly important for you to take this action, then it’s time to look at your attitude.

  1. What are you telling yourself about this action?
  2. Is it true (what you’re telling yourself)? What evidence do you have that your belief might not be true?
  3. What will you gain from taking the action?
  4. Is it worth moving through your discomfort?

Remember, very often our dread of doing something is worse than the actual doing. And, when we put off taking actions that are important to building the life we want, we drain our energy, kill our momentum, and damage our confidence.

Give your energy to what empowers you. If this action is worth it—if it supports the life you truly want—then keep your vision in your heart. Let that be your focus. Then, just do it.

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