Notes on how to do your creative work and create the life you want.

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FREE teleclass: How to Sign High-Paying Clients in 5 Simple Steps

Are you a creative or transformational entrepreneur who is

  • Tired of long hours, unstable income, or sacrificing your personal life?
  • Constantly working to find new clients?
  • Wondering whether it’s truly possible for you to get paid well doing what you love?

The fact is, you can have a passion-based business that pays you well and supports the life you truly want—including time for pleasure and play. You can have ideal, high-paying clients who value your work.

 On this call, we’ll talk about

  • The biggest mistakes most solopreneurs make (costing them tens of thousands of dollars)
  • Three limiting beliefs that sabotage your ability to sign ideal, high-paying clients
  • How to use your unique brilliance to create incredible value for clients—and get paid accordingly
  • My simple, five-step system for signing high-paying clients
  • The strategic steps that can end the constant hustle—and bring joy and fun back into your business

DETAILS: Friday, Sept. 19, 12 noon-1:30 p.m. ET

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