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Can you meet your income goals for 2015?

As we head into 2015, you probably have an income goal in mind for the new year. But do you know what it will take to truly make that happen?

The best way to ensure success is to know exactly what it will take—and plan for it. Then, instead of taking random actions and hoping that they work out (and going into panic, self-blame, or despair when they don’t), you can take the step-by-step actions you need to reach your goals.

Here’s the overall process for doing that:

  1. Look at prices for each of your programs, packages, and services. At those rates, how many of each will you need to sell to meet your income goal in 2015? How many clients will you need to enroll?
  2. How many hours will you need to deliver the services for each of those programs, packages, or clients?</li>If these numbers are overwhelming (you’ve discovered you need to enroll 600 clients this year just to make your modest income goal!), it’s time to get higher-paying clients or streamline the way you deliver services (or both!).
  3. How many people do you need to reach to enroll your target number of clients, or sell your target number of programs?

If you’re more established in your business (with a steady income stream), you’ll then use marketing to reach your goals.

  • What marketing will help you most effectively reach those people?
    • Choose several major marketing events throughout the year, and put those in your calendar.
    • What regular marketing efforts will you put in place to support those larger marketing events?
    • What kind of planning and lead time will each of these things take?
    • Who do you need to reach out to or partner with for each one?
  • What systems or processes do you need to set up? (web pages, email campaigns, shopping carts or ticketing services, payment processors, welcome packages and contracts, etc.)
  • What support do you need?

If you’re less established, you’ll focus first on reaching out to potential clients one on one or through referrals.

Either way, you want to make sure you are correctly positioned—and can talk about the solutions you offer—so that clients see the value of working with you.

By taking these steps and making these plans, you’ll put yourself in place to actually reach—or even surpass—your 2015 income goals.

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