Notes on how to do your creative work and create the life you want.

Yes, Please!

Is this common belief keeping you stuck? (plus, how to get past it)

Sometimes people say they can’t join a coaching program because of timing conflicts. They can’t see a way around it.

I get it. When family obligations, a demanding job, or other commitments are there, it can seem like there’s a conflict, pure and simple, with no way out.

Here’s what I also know: The thing that stops you from joining a coaching program also stops you in other areas of your life. It may be timing, money, fear or something else that stops you. Whatever it is, that same thing will stop you in many other areas of your life.

“I can’t find a way” and “this is just how it is” are like the air you breathe. They seem like a simple fact. (But air isn’t as simple and straightforward as it appears–it can be bottled to let people breathe underwater, it can support planes in the air, it can be split into its component parts to make oxygen for sick people… it can contain radio waves and invisible gases and high frequency sounds beyond the range of our hearing.)

When you see air as “just air,” you will not see what else is there or what else is possible. When you say about a situation,“This is just how it is. There are no options. I can’t find a way,” you will literally NOT SEE the options that exist.

Even though limitations may SEEM real, they are not the TRUTH.


The truth is, you are a powerful and creative human being.

If you have a desire, the way is there. Accepting this is the key to creating the life you want.

And here’s how you find the way: Commit FIRST. Then open yourself to receive the way.

(Most of us instinctively ask HOW we can get to a goal–and if we don’t see how, we deflate and lose hope. We decide we can’t have it.)

When you COMMIT FIRST, you let go of the “can’t find a way” belief that blinds you to possibilities.

That allows you to take other steps–brainstorming possibilities, “downloading” divine guidance, letting go of internal obstacles, taking action, opening to receive, and more.

Sometimes the solution comes easily. A client in my program overcame her belief that “I can’t have it,” spoke her supervisor about some time off and got it–easy as that.

Other times you’ll make more effort. I have seen people do powerful things to handle logistical obstacles. I once used almost a third of my vacation days just to be in a program. I have Skyped in for three-day retreats just weeks after giving birth. I have traveled solo on 12-hour plane trips with a baby and hired babysitters in three different cities to get the transformation I wanted. I have gotten a clogged duct and been top-off, half-naked nursing a baby in 360-degree positions while Skyping into a retreat from a hotel room (AFTER flying cross-country to be there live). I have driven six hours two or three times a year for ten years, often with a child or my whole family in tow, to go to transformational retreats that would change my life.

I’m not alone in this: I know people who have stayed up for 2:30 am calls so they could be in the program they wanted, or flown to California from Europe or Australia for multiple live retreats. A colleague brought her son from Australia to Oregon for a ONE-DAY retreat (she made a vacation of it). I know people who have flown cross-country, multiple times a year, year after year (and no, they weren’t all rich; many had incomes less than the US average) because they were willing to do what it would take to get the results they wanted in life.

The question for you is, are you willing to commit to what you want in life? Are you willing to let go of the illusion that there “there is no way”?

It may come easily, or it may come with effort. You won’t know until you step in.

But the first step–saying YES, I CAN and committing to have it–is the foundation of everything.

This works. I’ve used this approach to create a career as a writer–despite being a scared immigrant girl who didn’t know any writers (and whose parents encouraged her to get a “secure job” as doctor or government worker).

I’ve used this approach to live abroad, travel in Asia and Europe, buy an apartment, buy a house, make money in real estate, land a six-figure job during the height of the financial crisis, launch a successful writing business, find and marry an amazing man, have two children after turning 40, work from home while being a mom, and more.

Clients have used this approach to find agents, get published regularly in The New Yorker, start six-figure creative businesses, double their income, get featured in major film festivals, and more.

Doing your true creative work. Creating the life you want. It all begins with saying, “Yes, I can.”






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