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The people who help you succeed

As creative people, it’s easy to think what we create depends on us. But, the truth is, the people around us can have just as big an effect.

If you’re writing, painting, designing… there are times when you’ll get stuck in your head. You fall into thinking there’s not enough time, despair that you can’t fix the structure of your novel, resent your kids and husband for taking time away from your screenplay, feel crappy when your more-successful MFA friend puts on another big show (while there you are, still “emerging,” still “promising,” and still not there), and see another year passing…

At those times, the people around you can make all the difference. They can get caught in the stress and negativity spiral with you. They can commiserate with you.

Or, they can inspire you and call forward the biggest and best in you.

Even better, if they are creative people on the same path–up to big things like you–their insights, challenges, vulnerable moments, successes, and celebrations can feed your own transformation and success.

So… for those of you who want a community that lifts you up–a group of fellow artists who get what you’re doing and bring out the best in you, I’ve put together the CREATE! Mastermind.

This is a circle of ambitious, talented writers/ artists/ creatives who are committed to completing a high-level, career-changing piece of work–a breakthrough masterpiece.

In this community and with my support, here’s what else you’ll do:

Set up your life so you have the time, space and money to create. Dissolve resistance and anxieties. Get into the flow of regular creative work. Bring out your most profound and brilliant work. Find the people and resources to take your craft to the next level. Discover—and transcend—the hidden barriers to doing your best work. And keep going until you’re done.

Interested? Email me and I’ll tell you more!

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