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The Secret to Using Creative Anxiety… to Do Amazing Work

If you’re an artist or writer, you’ve probably sat down, faced the blank page, and then, without even realizing it, clicked away to check your email…and gotten pulled away from your creative work.

Or you’ve been in front of your canvas and suddenly felt the urge to reorganize your studio, or eat something, or check on a package that arrived.

This is creative anxiety.

The interesting thing is, creative anxiety can work for you or against you.

You’ve know what it’s like when it works against you.

How many times have you procrastinated over starting your creative work?

Or relieved the momentary tension by checking Facebook or reading the news, only to get pulled down a rabbit hole of distraction (while your guilt and anxiety mount), until you lose your momentum?

If this happens over and over, your creative work slows or completely stops. You can end up sinking into frustration, guilt, and shame—and ultimately depression and despair.

But… creative anxiety can also work FOR you.

You can use it to get into that creative flow that feels so good—or to supercharge your creativity and create more profound work.

You see, anxiety is physiologically similar to excitement. Both are “arousal states” where your heart beats faster, your cortisol goes up, and your body gets ready to act.

The only difference? Excitement is positive: You’re focused on how things could go well.

So when creative anxiety comes up, you have two choices: You can lean in, or you can pull back.

To be a successful writer or artist, you need to lean in.

My clients are learning exactly how to do this.

Would it make a difference if you caught your creative anxiety before it derailed you… and switched into creative excitement?

Would it make a difference if you stopped fighting uphill against your anxiety and avoidance (and the guilt and shame that come with it)… and harnessed your creative excitement to make amazing work?

How would it feel to channel your creative excitement… into a session where you channel the perfect ending for your novel?

How would it be to notice your rising anxiety, turn your body, adjust your balance, and RIDE THE WAVE of excitement so you can be an artist in action—or create the breakthrough masterpiece that will change the course of your professional career?

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