Notes on how to do your creative work and create the life you want.

Yes, Please!

The “Magic” First Step to Doing Your Art–No Matter What

Wish you had some magic that would let you just DO your creative work… no matter what was going on in your life?

I get it. Everyday life can be a sandstorm blowing in your face: So many daily responsibilities like endless grains of dust and grit… your art can get buried in it all and then swept aside for weeks, months, or even YEARS.

For years I was in this situation, and I was desperate for SOMETHING, ANYTHING to help me write.

So… surprise, surprise: There was no Harry Potter-style magic spell for this. 

BUT there was a simple thing that made all the difference–and unlocked the magical results I wanted.

Now, before I get there, I want to let you know: This might sound too simple. Or you might think, “Yeah, yeah, I know that. But I can’t manage to actually DO that.” Or “Sure, of course that works. But I don’t know HOW to do that.”

Here’s the thing: If you use take this step, it works.

This magical step is the first thing–the foundation that your whole artistic career is built on. 

It doesn’t answer every question, solve every fear, heal every wound, outline every “to do.” In fact, it does NONE of those things. 

What DOES it do?

It shoots a ball of energy into the Universe–and creates an opening so all the resources, support, and guidance you need can come in.

So… ready for the magic?

The magic step is CHOICE. 

CHOOSING, TRULY CHOOSING to do your creative work, no matter what.

I chose. 

Even if I was scared of failing, even if I was worried about money, even if I didn’t have all my “issues” resolved or my traumas healed, even if part of me was terrified I’d discover I just wasn’t good enough.

When you truly COMMIT to your creative work, the magic begins. 

You say, “I will do my true creative work–and have the life I want.”

And you say, “Yes, and.”

“Yes, I don’t know how or if I can make money doing my creative work, and yes, I can see all the ways my writing isn’t good enough yet, and yes, I got rejected by a mediocre lit mag last week. AND I’m still going to write.”

“Yes, the roof just sprang a leak, and yes, my son is home sick, and I have three things that have to go out today. AND I can do my creative work.”

This is how magic works. 

You make the commitment, you hold the vision, you open to possibilities. 

You feel your discomfort and fear–and expand beyond your comfort zone. You take aligned action.

Sometimes the next actions are obvious, and sometimes they’ll be shrouded in mystery. 

Sometimes the solutions are immediate, and sometimes they take more time. 

But, you stay constant through it, holding the vision of your creative work and the life you want, making it a priority, challenging yourself to open, to do things in new ways.

You will get there.

Choose your creative work. Choose your true desire. And let it begin.

P.S. The secret about choice: When you truly make the decision, the opportunities and resources you need appear. 

You might be wondering, now that I’ve chosen my art, how do I actually make it happen? 

I’ve got something that can help. 🙂 

I looked at everything I tried over the years to get myself writing–and brought the best of it together into specially-designed program.

Artist in Action helps talented, ambitious writers and artists get past their obstacles–with time, competing responsibilities, or procrastination and avoidance. 

They find time for their creative work, generate powerful momentum, and do their creative work regularly and easily–even when they have full family lives, “commercial” work or day jobs, or a long history of dealing with creative blocks.

Artist in Action is where the magic of commitment meets practical guidance.

You get exactly what you need to get into action, doing your art, right away–so you can go from wanting to do your art… to actually doing it, day in and day out, no matter what.

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