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Breakthrough Artistic Success IS Within Your Reach (Part 2)

Breakthrough artistic success isn’t something that just happens. It isn’t a bolt of lightning that hits the lucky and extra-talented few. 

Artistic success is actually the result of several key elements coming together. (I’m talking about this in a multi-part series; this is Part 2.)

The first key to success is artistic work that truly matters to people–art that compels them, draws them in, moves them, and inspires them to share. 

Key to success #2: Quality

Now, when writers and artists talk about quality work, many of us think about practicing our craft over the years. You humbly apprentice yourself, you put in the time, and you hope that your talent will be enough. Right?


Apprenticeship and craft are valuable–and 100% necessary. Craft and technique are what enable you to successfully translate your inner artistic vision into an external work of art.

However, there’s much more to quality than craft. Technically skillful work without anything to say usually feels cold or boring. People may admire it, but it doesn’t affect them deeply–so it’s unlikely to win awards or have raving fans. 

Also, consider this: No matter how many years of study and dedicated practice you put in, your technical artistic talent will have some limits. 

What if you never become the equivalent of Tolstoy or Picasso, Toni Morrison or Leonard Cohen? Do you resign yourself to mediocrity? 

I say no.

You can become the most brilliant version of yourself. 

You do that by finding what really wants to come out in your work–its deepest truths, most searing insights, and most moving expressions of the human condition.

So yes, dedicate yourself to perfecting your craft. 

But don’t limit it to that: find the deepest truths in your work–and bring out your truest expression. 

This brilliance–which can only come from you–is the quality you need for breakthrough success.

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This is how you create your breakthrough masterpiece.

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