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Does My Art Matter Now?

Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash

With so much going on in the world, maybe you wonder if your creative work is frivolous–if it’s out of touch, if it’s speaking to what people care about, if people will be open to it.

The truth is, people are having all kinds of experiences. Some people have hours on their hands and will be immensely grateful for art to uplift or entertain them. Some people are working long hours and need relief from their current world.

People are going through so many different emotions, and they all need different things. Some need a light, entertaining escape. Some people need a moving love story that validates human connection. Some people need to identify with a wily, scrappy heroine who uses her wits to survive in tough times.

So if you’re asking, “Does my art matter now?”, it doesn’t mean your art is now irrelevant to other people. (This is true whether it has a connection to current events or not).

What your question actually means is your own experience has changed, so your relationship to your art no longer feels exactly right.

This isn’t a signal to dump your current project–it just means you need to bring more of who you are and what you feel NOW into your art.

So instead of asking “Does my art matter now?”, consider asking, “What am I experiencing?” and “How will I bring that into my art?”

This will let you create some of your deepest, truest, and best work.

P.S. Stay tuned for more posts, trainings, and opportunities to go deeper with your creative work–especially in this pandemic time.

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