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Are you building your business the long, slow way?

shutterstock_281208470When I first started my coaching business, it was slow going, and my income was tiny. There was not much joy. I thought it was because of my fears and resistance (which were big!), but there was another reason I didn’t see: I was doing things that should have been saved for later—and NOT doing the things that would get me clients and income right away.

Here’s what you might THINK you need to have a thriving business: a website, a logo, an LLC, a bank account, an office and all kinds of equipment, business cards, a newsletter or videos or podcasts, a social media strategy, joint ventures, a social media strategy, a blog, … and the list goes on.

Here’s what you REALLY need: clients and income. (And no, you don’t need everything above to get clients and income! 🙂 )

If I had truly gotten that, I could have saved myself years of stress, guilt, self-blame, and hard work that didn’t pay back. My FREE WEBINAR, “Sign High-Paying Clients in 5 Simple Steps: The Fastest, Most Direct Way to Make Money Doing What You Love,” covers what I learned.

The DIRECT path to clients and income is so simple and clean–and there’s a real joy in doing business that way. And, of course, bringing in clients and income will probably bring you some joy as well! 🙂

I invite you to join me on the webinar, so you too can take the direct path to high-paying clients—and a more joyful business.

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