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Why you aren’t good enough

pic for postIt’s a cliché in the coaching industry to say “you are good enough.” But here’s the truth: maybe you aren’t. What kind of results are your clients getting? How are their lives or businesses changing? Are they moving on because they got so much from you that they don’t need more? Or signing with you again because their results with you were so powerful and life-changing?

If their results are so-so, maybe you need to get more training. Or rethink how your services are structured. Or change the kind, amount, or type of support you’re providing. All these things could be true. (I do not agree with the too-common view in the industry that life experience is enough and you can just set up shop as a “coach,” “guide,” “mentor,” or any other kind of practitioner without some quality training.)

Here’s another possibility: Maybe it’s because you’re not doing what you do best. You’re not working from your brilliance, your creativity, your sacred spark. (Instead, you’re copying what you’ve seen your teachers, mentors, and colleagues do. You’re being cookie-cutter, like almost everyone else in your field.) Maybe you don’t know what you do best—or how to talk about it so clients are inspired to buy.

Not doing what you do best can cause bigger problems: If you aren’t doing what you do best, your clients can’t do their best. Even worse, you’re most likely attracting the wrong clients. You see, your ideal clients want what you do best. So if you’re delivering a watered-down, worse version of someone else’s brilliance, the people who are attracted to that won’t be your ideal clients. They won’t fully resonate with you—or take in all your wisdom—or get life-changing, business-changing results with you.

However, once you understand what you do best (and how to talk about it), you can attract the right clients. Make more money. Do so much more for your clients. You can give the world what only you have—and do what you were always meant to do.


Love note: Even though you may not be “good enough,” you are enough. You are valuable and sacred and worthy of love exactly as you are. Because your worth is not dependent on what you do or how well you do it. Your worth comes from being you, alive and unique, passionate and flawed and scarred and wise. Your worth comes from your beating, loving heart. Your worth comes from you, and from the Divine. Because you are part of the Divine.

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