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Yes, Please!

Do you REALLY want it?

shutterstock_220006351Deep in your heart, you have a big vision. But something’s in the way, and your vision is still just that—a dream and a hope inside you.

So let’s talk about why your dream is still inside you… instead of real in the world. Here are a few reasons you might recognize:

  • I don’t have enough money
  • I don’t have the right connections
  • I don’t have enough time
  • Now just isn’t a good time

Here’s the thing about these reasons. They aren’t what’s blocking you. They are clues to your next breakthrough.

Let’s take money. Suppose you want $15,000 to launch your business, pay for a training, hold a big event, or take time off to finish your novel. You know this is the next step toward your vision. But you don’t have $15,000.

Here’s what I want you to know: While the number in your bank account is “real,” it isn’t the full reality. The full reality is that for every desire, there is a way. You just haven’t seen the way yet, or you aren’t willing to take the steps.

What if you or someone you love suddenly needed $15,000 for a life-saving medical procedure? What would you do? My guess is, you would get another credit card. Borrow money. Sell your wedding dress or jewelry or car. Cash in an investment. Have a Kickstarter. Hold a fundraising event. Use your retirement account or home equity. Reach out to everyone you know for clients, work, or opportunities. Ask people to pay back money they owe you. Cancel the gym membership you aren’t using. Get another job. Ask for a raise. Get on the phone to generate business and refuse to stop until you had made your money. You would dig deep into your creativity, resourcefulness, and power—and you would find a way. 

Now, listen closely: Those same avenues are available to you now. You just haven’t been willing to use them. You may want more income but haven’t asked your clients for referrals because you’re afraid of seeming crass. You may want to expand your business but won’t borrow money because you don’t want to “be beholden.” You may want an important business training—but won’t cash in an investment because “it’s only supposed to be used for [X].” There are things you haven’t been willing to do.

This is true of money, time, energy, experience, and every other resource out there. If you want it, there is a way.

What you need to know is this: To have a breakthrough, you need to do the thing you’ve been unwilling to do. If you could get the result you want doing what you’re doing now, your dream would be reality (or clearly on its way), wouldn’t it?

So what is the step you’ve been unwilling to take? (This is where your breakthrough is.) Is it turning off the TV early so you can get up an hour earlier to write your novel? Moving past intimidation to talk a leader in your field? Paying for the childcare or administrative support that will let you get your soul’s work done? Getting over your fear of self-promotion so you can grow your business? Raising money for the training that will take you to the next level? Risking rejection or failure to take bold action?

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