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Yes, Please!

Why it’s hard to do it

shutterstock_336184877Yes, IT can be hard. (What is IT? Moving toward your big vision, of course. That thing you dream about constantly, that purpose that you’re here on earth to fulfill.)

Even the best of us—the hugely committed, fiercely determined, big-dreaming, ambitious ones—feel the anxiety and want to flee (to Facebook, to busywork, to food or abstract spiritual work).

Some people believe if you’re feeling resistance, it’s a sign: whatever you’re doing isn’t right for you. And yes, our Essential Selves do throw up big resistance when we’re on the wrong path. (That’s why you drag your heels and show up late for the meeting you didn’t want to go to…)

But, we also resist the big vision in our heart. We can resist taking action on those visions most of all—because failing there would be devastating.

In fact, we need to overcome resistance to do just about everything that’s good for us: whether that’s exercising, putting down the riveting book and going to bed, getting out of comfy lounge clothes to have brunch with a friend, starting a new meditation practice, or talking to that leader who intimidates us. When we go from a “lower” state to a “higher” one, there’s friction to overcome. That’s resistance. It’s natural.

Here’s how to tell whether resistance means you’re off the path—or just facing fear as you walk towards your dreams. Ask yourself: If I knew I would succeed, would I truly, deeply want this? Not just “would it be nice to have this?” or “would this solve the problems I have now,” but would my heart overflow with joy? If I knew I could have it, would I feel weighed down and constricted—or light and free?



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