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Your Biz: Halfway House, or $20k/Month Playground?

Today I want to talk about doing your dream “halfway.” Maybe you’re working as a healer, writer, coach, or filmmaker… but you’re not doing what you really want to be doing, or what you’re meant to be doing: the work that delights and inspires you and feels like play. You’re doing what’s “safe” or what sells, and you’ve kept your true vision hidden deep in your heart. Maybe there’s a book or screenplay you’ve meant to write, or a way of working you’re afraid to try in case it’s too “out there” for your clients.

shutterstock_332911595I want you to know: You can do what you truly want. In fact, if you want deep joy and success, you must do what you truly want.

You already know not going for your TRUE vision is eating away at your soul. But here’s what you might not realize: Even in your “safe” career, not doing your TRUE heart’s work is hurting your income and success.

Here’s how:

  • You look bland and easily replaceable—like every other healer/coach/writer/artist out there: When you keep your brilliance and true vision inside, what your potential clients see on the outside is a “best of” hit mix from everyone you’ve ever trained with. Maybe it’s good, but it doesn’t motivate people to work specifically with YOU (or pay you top fees).
  • You’re not having fun—so you look uninspired and uninteresting… which never helps you get clients!
  • You can’t market yourself—so your income suffers: When you feel half-hearted about your work (because it’s not your TRUE work), you hold back on promoting yourself. Or you keep your rates “reasonable” (aka, not as high as they’d be if you knew you were a rockstar and thought leader). Or you don’t stand up for your rates. All this leads to drama: big money months followed by crashes, moods that swing up and down with your income, household stress because you’re not bringing in enough.

But you want to change the world with your message and your story—not live a bad business soap opera!

So let’s talk about what keeps you from going for your TRUE vision. Is it fear? A need for “safe” income? And how do you get past all that to bring your true brilliance into the world—and start having FUN again?

Join me to find out!


A FREE “play date” to jumpstart your TRUE vision:

How to follow the PLAY muse, ignite your “larger-than-life” creative FIRE, and turn your business into your own $10K (or even $20K) a month… “as seen in The Huffington Post” PLAYGROUND

In this no-cost, from-the comfort-of-your-own-home 🙂 play date, you’ll take away:

  • Why your “safe” approach is actually the REASON behind your “too much work, not enough money” business

(“Safe approach” test: close your eyes and think about your biz… the first feeling that pops up is NOT pure, “leaping from your bed” every morning…JOY)

  • How to follow the PLAY muse, turn your business (and marketing) into a PLAYGROUND, and ditch the blindfold keeping you from the $10K or even $20K opportunities WAITING patiently for you to see them…THIS month (yes, even in your “break even” business)
  • Why your personal THREE-headed SABOTAGE MONSTER is not going down, even after all the mindset AND marketing work

(If your income is playing “hide and seek” with you EVERY month or you STILL procrastinate like a pro – this is for YOU)

  • A simple three-step process to bring out your inner “as seen on Oprah” thought leader… quiet the “I feel like a FAKE” whispers… attract passionate, ready-to-pay-top-rate clients… and draw in your “you speak directly to my SOUL” readers and super-fans
  • Live-attendees-only BONUS #1: Show up LIVE and receive the “Why should Oprah call ME” brilliance-revealing exercise (usually available only to my private clients)
  • Live-attendees-only BONUS #2: If you are THE lucky person, win a NO-cost “Creative FIRE” Makeover with me

Join me, and prepare to have fun!!

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