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Yes, Please!

We lost. We are shocked. And we will rise. (A manifesto for myself and my allies)

Election night, I felt shock and disbelief.

The day after the election, I felt real personal vulnerability—but also a strength and resolve I hadn’t felt in a long time. I know so many of us are afraid for our safety, for people we love, for our democracy and for the planet, and feel regret at not having done enough to prevent Trump’s election.

For me, a sense of safety and support was smashed when we lost. I am a person of color, Asian American, daughter of immigrants, bisexual, religiously nontraditional (Wiccan), and have a mother with a disability. Trump has explicitly scapegoated, threatened, or mocked people like me and those I love.

For myself, I wondered, if Trump starts a trade war with China that becomes real war, would I be seen as the enemy? Beaten up in the streets for looking Chinese—even though I’m actually Taiwanese American? Rounded up and put in an internment camp like the Japanese Americans during World War II? A part of me was looking at every Trump voter, wondering, “Is this what you support? You voted for this man after hearing his hate, racism, and venom.” And a part of me was looking at every white person, wondering, “If this happened, would you have my back?”

But here’s what I also know: I am strong, and I will not give up this country. (more)


originally published in The Huffington Post

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