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Why you need to be a WITCH

Why you need to be a WITCH

You have a dream, and you want do something big in the world. But maybe you don’t know what to do and you worry about making a mistake, so you don’t do much. Or maybe you keep your big dream hidden (you’re afraid people will think you’re ridiculous), so it never seems quite real.

This is why you need to be a witch.

A witch? What do you mean, you ask. An old, bent woman with a wart on her nose and green skin, plotting to eat young children? An evil, vindictive woman running amok in the community, cursing her neighbors and destroying the crops? An old crone who casts spells to get what she wants?

witch with broom

Think about those witches, I answer. Ugly. Selfish. Undesirable. Old. Mean. Crazy. Uncontrolled. Devious. Evil. Alone. And, in the end, punished and burned at the stake.

Deep down, is that what scares you? Do the voices in your head say, “You’re selfish. The children will suffer!,” “You should have started this years ago,” “You can’t do that and have a normal life. You’ll have to give up too much,” “No one will want to be with you,” or “You’re crazy to think people want your writing/art/coaching/healing process! Maybe you have some talent, but get real—you can’t really make it!”

Here’s the thing: As long as you’re hostage to those fears… you will be a fraction of the Real You. Less joyful, less magnetic, less fulfilled. Less alive. And, as long as you’re keep your dream hidden inside because you worry what other people will think, your dream will stay just that—a hazy vision in your head.

The Creative Witch burns through those fears with her passion and determination. Cuts through them with the insight of her mind. Flows through them with the sweetness of her love. Grounds them deep in her body, knowing that She is so much more than her fears.



Yes, there are those who will call her a witch—and everything negative that goes with that word. The Creative Witch knows that on the other side of every insult is her power. She knows: When the fears and projections don’t stop you, the Real You can emerge… and lead you to the life you want.

She’ll look the name-callers and the naysayers in the face and then stride past them to dive into her deep, raw, messy work… and come out on the other side with shattering art that moves people to tears. She can be wild or fierce or surrender all control… because that’s the message from her soul. She’ll bend down to call softly to child, then hold it close. She’s quiet enough to let the insight bubble up, and confident enough to let love guide her. She will dance, thrum, drum, move to the ecstatic beat of her heart. She changes herself, and she changes the world.

She’s wild. Insightful. Transformational. Creative. Holy. Ecstatic. Real.

And she is YOU… if you will let yourself be Her.


Play with this: What do you really want?

Get real. What do you really want? And what’s stopping you?

Free write for five minutes without stopping, controlling, or editing what comes out.

Now look at what you’ve written. What do you need to do? What change do you need to make? What action will you take?


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