Notes on how to do your creative work and create the life you want.

Yes, Please!

The instant shift–so you can do your creative work

“I’m not doing my creative work. I have so much going on, I never get to it. I’m afraid I’ll run out of time, and it’ll never happen.”

I get it. Everyday life can be a sandstorm blowing in your face: so many daily responsibilities like endless grains of dust and grit.

Know this: Everything can change in an instant.

It changes the moment you CHOOSE.

When you truly COMMIT to your creative work, the shift is instantaneous. You say, “I will do my true creative work–and have the life I want.”

And then the magic begins.

Here’s how. You say, “Yes, and.”

“Yes, the roof just sprang a leak, and yes, my son is home sick, and I have three things that have to go out today. AND I can do my creative work.”

And you ask yourself, “What can I put in place, what can I create, so that ALL my priorities are taken care of?” And yes, that “ALL” includes your true creative work. And your self-care. And your love for your family. And the way you uphold your commitments.

This is how magic works. You make the commitment, you hold the vision, you open to possibilities. You feel your discomfort and fear–and expand beyond your comfort zone. You take aligned action.

Sometimes the solutions are immediate, and sometimes they take more time. But you stay constant through it, holding the vision of your creative work and the life you want, making it a priority, challenging yourself to open, to do things in new ways.

You will get there.

Choose your creative work. Choose your true desire. And let it begin.

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