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Yes, Please!

Go on vacation–and get more done

As you read this, I am on vacation!! And basking in the sweet sunshine of just BEING.

Last year while on vacation, I learned a valuable lesson: sometimes, doing NOTHING will open up the fastest and easiest path to what you want.

Before my vacation, I was struggling to fit exercise into my day. With two kids and a busy schedule, it just wasn’t happening.

Then one day, on vacation, I just thought, “I’m up early. Why don’t I just pop down to the gym and get on the elliptical?”

So I did. I brought an inspirational book and read it while I exercised. And in the middle of doing that, I suddenly realized how I could change my schedule to exercise in at home.

I got off the elliptical, glowing. I felt so alive–and I felt incredible excitement. I exercised every day for the rest of the trip.

And when I got home, I made that schedule change–and it was done! I’ve exercised at least 6 days a week now, for the past year.

What’s even more exciting: as I kept exercising, other things got easier too. Writing, taking action in my business–action became part of an easy, flowing, joyful movement through my day.

So I want to let you know: If you’re pushing hard and not getting things done, if you feel stuck because you don’t know how to fit something into your day, take a break. Stop pushing. Give yourself a long stretch to do nothing, and just be. And allow the answer to come.

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