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How to find time for your creative work

I ask people what stops them from doing their creative work–and the most common answer is, “I don’t have time.”

When I help clients with this, sometimes it’s a simple fix–a couple practical suggestions that make a huge difference.

At other times, it seems like the problem is “not enough time,” but the real issue something else: an emotional, mental, or other block. Often, it’s something a client wasn’t even aware of.

How do you know what it is? And once you know, how do you deal with it and actually FIND TIME for your creative work?

Join me in this sacred circle.

How to find time for your creative work

In this sacred circle (done via Facebook live), you will

  • Discover the REAL reason you don’t have time–and how to change that

  • Find creative time that WORKS with your life

  • Get support for actually DOING your creative work

Join us now!

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