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Yes, Please!

The power of YOU, living full out

(Not perfect, but WILLING)

Last week I wrote about the insecurities that came up for me when I went to a Princeton alumnae conference.

At the same time, I was inspired. As I watched these Princeton women perform with soul and passion, I was reminded how powerful it is to put ourselves out in the world, full out.


And, I realized all the ways I’ve held back.

Now, I’m GOOD about facing my fears. To help creative people get big results, I HAVE TO face and transform big blocks–constantly.

I hold my clients through big fears, and they transform it. I see what holds me back, and I transform it.

And yet.

And yet so many times, I have still held back for fear I won’t be good enough.

I don’t want to fail, and I don’t want people to see me fail.

But, as I watched the women perform, I felt the power of passion and boldness.

They weren’t perfect. They were willing.

Willing to step on stage and put their energy out into the world, BIG. Willing to step out in life, BIG.

The same is possible for each of us.

If you’re afraid, if you’re holding back, if you’re thinking “I’m not good enough” or “What if I fail?”, remember this:

There is power in who you are. There is such power in being ALL of who you are. Bold. Proud. Out loud.

Let’s do it.


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