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Yes, Please!

When insecurities come up, remember this

Today I’m at She Roars, a conference for Princeton alumna. Events like these–like college reunions–can bring up my old achievement-based insecurities: Have I accomplished enough? Am I successful enough? How do I “measure up”?

Our egos may worry about whether we’’ll fail or what someone else thinks of us. Our egos may trap us in a stew of “I’m not good enough” or a judgmental cloud of “I’m better than s/he is.”

But, focusing on those things keeps us from connecting with the important questions:

What is delighting and inspiring me in this moment?

What is moving me?

Who am I connecting with?

What is my divine wisdom telling me?

When fear comes up, give yourself love. Then stay connected to the Real You, and be yourself in the world.

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