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How extra effort on Election Day leads to personal breakthroughs

There are times when your actions really matter. Times when it’s essential to make the extra effort and go the extra mile.

Today is one of those: Election Day. It’s a day when many small actions will add up to have one big impact on our nation and our world.

It’s also a perfect chance to practice the skills that will lead to big breakthroughs in the rest of your life.

Here’s how taking action on Election Day helps you create breakthroughs: When we have a big dream or desire, it requires action to turn that desire into reality. Taking action, though, often brings up fear.

“What if I do it wrong?” “What if I’m not good enough?” “I don’t know what to do.” “It’s too late now.” “It will hurt too much if I try and fail.”

If you want your big dreams to come true, you must CHOOSE to take action in the face of those feelings and thoughts.

Creating what you want in life requires you to step out of your comfort zone–to BE WITH THE DISCOMFORT and KEEP TAKING ACTION.

This is where breakthroughs happen: when you notice where you usually stop… and choose to keep going.

That’s what this Election Day asks of us: Whether you’re hopeful, stressed, afraid, energized, or any number of feelings, now is a time for action.

A time to ask yourself, “Where can I make the extra effort? Where can I go beyond where I usually stop?”

If you don’t usually vote, vote. If you don’t usually help to get out the vote, do that.

You can take baby actions: reaching out to friends in a swing district to make sure they vote, 20 minutes of text banking or phone banking at lunch, 30 minutes to drive people to the polls. All those actions add up–just as baby steps add up when you’re doing your creative work or creating the life you want.

If it’s unfamiliar or scary, just acknowledge the discomfort and continue to take action.

As you take action, you’ll notice your energy shift. You gain momentum, and you feel your own power. The fear recedes because you know that instead of stewing in your fears, you are doing something.

Succeed or fail, you will know that you stepped up to be the creator of your own life.

So today, go beyond. Notice where you usually stop, and choose to keep going.

Step into action.

Step into power.

Step into your life.


Text and phone banking link:

Or find your local candidate and check their website to see what you can do.

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