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Thanksgiving and the magic of gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Here in the United States, Thanksgiving is a holiday where we connect with what we’re grateful for—blessings, successes, people we love, and more.

The energy of “thanksgiving” isn’t just for this one day–it’s actually a powerful energy we can connect to all year round… and it can help us create what we want in our lives.

There’s magic in gratitude: what we focus on expands, so when we focus on what we love about our lives, we bring more of that into our lives.

Here’s how to use gratitude to create what you want: Give gratitude for what you truly desire (but which hasn’t yet appeared in your life. This may seem counterintuitive (how can you be grateful for what you don’t have yet?), but here’s why it works.

  • When you’re grateful for what you want to create, that focuses your mind on it. You begin to feel that it’s possible. You visualize it.
  • Being in gratitude and celebration shifts your energy from one of negativity and “lack” to one of abundance and joy. That’s magnetic–people are drawn to that. Partners, helpers, friends, co-creators, and more will appear.
  • Also, the energy of gratitude allows you to see the serendipitous support from the Universe: Where you might once have been closed off and fearful, you will begin to see opportunities, support, ideas, and more.


Let’s work magic with gratitude!

  1. Think of what you want to create in your life. Imagine it’s already here.
  2.  Give thanks for it in writing. Literally journal your gratitude as if your desire has already come to fruition. (“I am so grateful and happy for exciting new ideas for my novel. I am so grateful and happy to have so much time to write. I am so grateful and happy for my inspired, flowing writing sessions. I am grateful and happy that my novel is done. I am so grateful and happy to have found the perfect agent. I am so grateful and happy that my novel is being published with a six-figure advance. I am so grateful and happy that my novel is so well-received in the world.”)
  3. See and feel the energy of having your desires come true. Give thanks for it.
  4. Now, as you go about your day, continue to give thanks. Stay in a state of gratitude and joy.
  5. In this state, notice the openings and opportunities that appear. Act on them. And keep giving thanks.


Joy, love, and magic to you,



P.S. I’m grateful for you, my community, my clients, my colleagues and friends. I’m grateful for your creativity, your commitment to yourselves, your strength and vulnerability, and the magic you work in your lives.


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