Notes on how to do your creative work and create the life you want.

Yes, Please!

Would you give a Valentine to your creative work?

It’s Valentine’s Day, so to honor the energy of the day, I want to ask: “Do you love your creative work?”

Do you love every character and see their full humanity (even the minor characters and “villains”)? Do you love the sounds, the melody, the harmony? Do you love the movement and colors and textures and shapes? Do you love the people you work with?

Do you see the unique beauty and brilliance of your creativity?

Do you appreciate how your creativity is a gift to the world?

Do you give it your best, even when you don’t feel like it?

Do you give your creative work focused time and attention, just as you would give your family members?

Do you invest money so your creative work can reach its full potential, the way you would with your child?

Do you care for yourself as a vessel of divine creativity?

No judgment if you  answer no to any of these questions. Your answers just reveal where MORE LOVE and MORE LIFE can come in.

With love and compassion for your imperfections, you can take action.

How will you give love to your creative work?


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