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Game of Thrones has an epic message for creatives

Whether you’re a Game of Thrones fan or not, it’s hard to breathe the cultural air today without hearing something about the series. Shock, dismay, complaints, justifications…
And whether you love, hate, or avoid the series, what happened with Game of Thrones matters. Here’s why:
All this upset came about because the author, George RR Martin, has an epic case of writer’s block. 
When the HBO series started in 2011, Martin had published five of the seven books in the series. Eight years later, he is STILL at five books, with the sixth nowhere in sight. To keep the series going, the HBO showrunners had to improvise their plotlines and create their own ending–with just a few general directions from Martin.
Creative block has consequences!!!
Yes, it does–even if you don’t have a million fans up in arms over how your story ends.
Because if you’re a creative person with a big project you really care about–one that isn’t getting finished–there are a million voices in your head, up in arms, shaming and blaming you. (Or maybe just that one voice, repeating itself a million times! :-))
Maybe you’re living with a constant, low-grade unhappiness that leaks into your marriage or relationship or family. You snap irritably at the people you love. You resent them for “taking up your time” (when deep down you know, it’s not them–it’s just that you need to do your creative work to feel good).
Maybe you’re putting up with the general belief that you’re not good enough yet. So when people mention opportunities, instead of going for them, you think “That sounds really good. If only XYZ were done, or if only ABC were ready.”
That unfinished project is also undermining your confidence and limiting the money you can make. (Yes, even if you’re successfully doing “commercial” creative work or have a creative day job. Because however much you make right now, if you aren’t expressing your highest brilliance, you can’t reach your highest level of success.)
And, of course, it affects your health (we all know how good pent-up shame and frustration are for you, don’t we?).
Okay, so enough negatives.
There’s something unique that only you can fully express. No one else–not even a team of highly paid professional writers–can do it. (Sure, they can create something good, but it’ll be something different. It won’t be the creative brilliance that comes from you.)
So live as if your creative work matters.
Because it does.
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