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Yes, Please!

Yes, you can get over a longtime creative block!

“I’ve had trouble writing for so long–can I actually get over it and finish my book?”

Yes, you can! Even if you’ve been crawling along on your creative project for years or decades.

In fact, it could be a LOT easier than you think.

Here’s why: Often a block will seem huge because it’s been around for a long time. But, in reality, you just haven’t addressed its true source.

You’ve been trying to deal with your block in the wrong way.

Maybe you’re trying to fix your schedule–when the real problem is that you’re avoiding your creative work out of a deep-seated fear of failure.

Maybe you’re working with a therapist to get over creative anxiety–when the real problem is an underlying belief, passed down from your ancestors, that you can’t have what you want.

Maybe you’ve tried five different kinds of healing work–when all you really need is accountability and a working environment that lets you create freely.

Maybe you’ve done all kinds of creative and technical exercises to deepen your work–when what you need is to follow the true soul inspiration that comes when you bring play into your work.

You see, there are FIVE types of blocks that can keep you from creating:

  • Physical (problems with time, space, money, health, your environment)
  • Mental (limiting and negative beliefs that hold you back)
  • Energetic (lacking the courage, will, “fire in the belly” or motivation)
  • Emotional (emotional patterns or states of being that keep you from creating)
  • Spiritual (not being connected to the divine flow of creativity)

If any ONE of those is blocked, your creative work is blocked. (Sucks, doesn’t it?)

So, I’ve put together a new program to support you in all five of these areas… to help you finally finish your big creative project.

The CREATE! Mastermind is a circle of ambitious, talented writers/ artists/ creatives who are committed to completing a high-level, career-changing piece of work–a breakthrough masterpiece.

In the CREATE! Mastermind, we work on all five levels of creative block—how it shows up in your body, mind, feelings, energy body, and spirit. Besides that, I also share some very practical techniques to get past blocks (because sometimes it just takes a small practical tweak to solve problems that seem really big).

Between all this—and the community of support—we can transform blocks, no matter how big or old they are. People who have been had trouble creating for years or decades have completed their creative projects.

Just as importantly, the CREATE! Mastermind is designed to address all the elements necessary to help you create the “breakout” work to establish yourself professionally.

  • Support to make sure you’re “ALL IN”—instead of stymied by internal fears or resistance.
  • Coaching on how to set up your life so you have the time, money, and space to create.
  • Guidance and structures to help you actually DO your creative work.
  • Support in doing the highest QUALITY of work—including how to find the best classes, artists group, or resources to hone your craft.
  • Accountability and coaching to keep you going until you FINISH.

Interested? (Email  me and I’ll tell you more.)

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