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Yes, Please!

Announcing the Artist in Action Program

You want to write a novel that shakes open the way people look at life—AND wins all the big prizes and sells like crazy. Or make a movie that breaks out at Sundance and becomes a multi-million dollar box office hit.

But, when you sit down to work, the WEIGHT of those desires is pressing on you. You get sucked into social media or email, clean your studio, spend two unnecessary hours on “research” to avoid the anxiety of dealing with that difficult scene, or read a whole book that you started for “inspiration.”

Or you stop working on projects partway through, giving up on them because they never feel good enough.

You are so committed to your creative work. But, actually doing it takes heroic effort: Every day, you battle uphill against fear and resistance and procrastination and self-critical voices. 

Unfortunately, this is reflected in your career. People you went to school with now have careers in the arts—while you have the same unrealized promise and potential.

I totally get it. This was me too. And many of my clients.

So, I’ve created Artist in Action–a program for talented, ambitious writers and artists who are tired of having their careers dragged down by procrastination, self-criticism, and avoidance.

When you step into the Artist in Action program, you will

… let go of the agony, internal drama, and need for heroic effort

… end the cycle of procrastination, self-criticism, guilt, and shame

… do your creative work regularly and easily—and even have fun doing it!

You will become an artist who consistently does your creative work—even if you have a family, a day job, or have been blocked for YEARS.

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