Notes on how to do your creative work and create the life you want.

Yes, Please!

Oh, the Pain of Not Doing Your Creative Work!

Why it’s hard for you–and what you can do

If you aren’t doing enough of your creative work, maybe you feel a sense of shame. Deep down, you want so much to do your creative work. You care so much about it.

But day after day, the time slips away. Sometimes you procrastinate out of anxiety or fear. Other times a family or work situation gets in the way.

And while you recognize you’ve got a lot going on in your life, on some level you blame yourself. 

I should be able to do my creative work, you tell yourself. It isn’t rocket science. I take responsibility for my life. I should just commit and do it. Right?

Those people who write or paint or compose every day!!

Even worse, you know people who just go ahead with their creative work?—?easily, simply, lalala?—?while you’re TORTURED by your desire to do your creative work AND the fact that you’re not doing it. 

(Don’t beat yourself up over not being one of those people. They’re not superior to you?—?they just have a personality, worldview, family upbringing, or life situation that supports their creative work. You don’t have that. So don’t compare.)

The truth about your creative block

Yes, it CAN be simple to do your creative work?—?IF you’re in the right physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual state.

But here’s the truth: If it were easy FOR YOU to do your creative work, you’d be doing it.

The fact is, if you’re someone who ISN’T doing enough creative work, it’s because there’s actually a lot in your way.

If it were easy FOR YOU to do your creative work, you’d be doing it. The fact is, if you’re someone who ISN’T doing enough creative work, it’s because there’s actually a lot in your way.

To get to your creative work, YOU have to tunnel through layers of family beliefs and admonitions (“people like us don’t get to do what we love,” “get a real job,” “be responsible”), stare down worries about money and financial stability, get past fears about letting other people down, AND handle all the logistical challenges of your everyday life.

Still sound easy?

Photo by eggeeggjiew. Licensed through Adobe Stock.

There’s no victim mentality here?—?just a recognition that you have some real barriers in your way.

So what now?

First, have hope. When you really recognize what’s in your way and handle it, you CAN do your creative work. 

By becoming AWARE when the blocks come up?—?instead of reacting unconsciously?—?you’re taking the crucial first step towards moving past the blocks.

(Remember: Have compassion for yourself. If you’re in a cycle of self-blame and avoidance, compassion is key to ending the cycle!)

Then, take the necessary action. 

If you need support to handle your blocks, get it. 

You don’t have to do this alone. (In fact, you shouldn’t… because do you want to spend your time muddling around in your self-blaming, self-shaming thoughts?—?or DOING YOUR CREATIVE WORK? :-))

Most of all, hold the vision: You can and will do your creative work. When you acknowledge and handle what’s blocking you?—?and commit to your creative work?—?the way will open. 

P.S. I’ve put together a program–ARTIST IN ACTION–for ambitious writers and artists who are tired of having their careers dragged down by procrastination, self-criticism, and avoidance.

You’re talented, hard-working, and determined—but it just isn’t reflected in your output. You want to stop the procrastinating and beating yourself up. You want to DO your creative work—regularly and easily… so you can have a successful creative career.

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