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The Courage to Do Your Creative Work

I’ve been hearing what’s out there in the news, and I’m moved to share this message.

Just over a year ago, I wrote this: 

“Yesterday, millions of us saw Dr. Blasey Ford testify. As I watch my Facebook feed, I see person after person speaking up.

And it reminds me: Courage and action DO change the world.

Even though she was originally afraid to come forward, even though she had to deal with death threats and move her family for safety, Dr. Blasey Ford spoke her truth.

Through her courage, she laid bare the ugliness and pervasiveness of a culture that looks at men pressuring women for sex and says, “Boys will be boys” or “All men do that.” She inspired millions of women and men to say, “No, that is not okay” and “This is not the world we want for our daughters and sons.”

Maybe Brett Kavanaugh will still get confirmed. Maybe not.

Whatever happens, this is a moment that will change history. This is a moment where we CAN and MUST change history.

In 1992, after the Anita Hill hearings, there was an electoral wave that tripled the number of female senators (going from two to seven), increased the number of women in the House by 60% (from 30 to 48), and inspired hundreds of women to run for offices, from state legislatures to school boards. TIME called it “The Year of the Woman.”

We can bring another wave this year.

In every area, our truth and courage make a difference. A couple years ago, I worked with a client who was courageously bringing a new view of cancer into the world. Another previous client is telling the stories of death row inmates who are likely innocent. Other clients are helping people connect with the life stories behind the objects in their home, educating people about safe and healthy cosmetics, or using comedy to advance gender equality.

What have you been afraid to say or do? What creative work have you been holding back?

These times can be difficult. But we have each other, and we have ourselves. The world is asking for our voices in this moment.”

Looking back, I feel the urgency of my words. This is a critical time for the world and for humanity. 

Sometimes we can fall into despair if we put ourselves out there and don’t don’t get the outcome we want. 

But in the larger perspective, we make a difference. 

All our voices have fundamentally changed the way the media and culture at large talk about women and men and sexuality and relationships. 

We made a difference in the elections of 2018. 

Our voices make a difference.

And our voices matter more than ever now.

If you are someone who cares about making the world a better, safer, more loving and just place, if your heart cries out for all that needs to happen, we need you.

It’s not just your everyday voice the world needs–it needs the deepest truths contained in your creative work. 

Whatever you have experienced, whoever you are, your soul and your creative spirit bring that out in your art–into a one-of-a-kind perspective the world will never see again.

So, even if you’re afraid, even if you worry about failure or people’s opinions or not being good enough, choose to do your creative work. 

Time is passing. Don’t let your creative work die inside you, die with you, die without entering the world.

Choose courage over fear. Choose your truth and your art and your voice.

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So your voice can make a difference in this world.

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