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The Key to Doing Your Art–Even When “Life Happens”

We all want to the ability to do our creative work, even when things come up or life gets tough.

And it is possible to keep going when the nanny leaves, the roof springs a leak, your mother goes into the hospital, or your partner is working 60-hour weeks.

I talk about this… and I was TESTED these last couple weeks. 

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Our au pair is leaving and we had to find someone new. There were home repairs. My mother-in-law ended up in the hospital, and my husband went out of town to be with her.

At one point I found myself spinning in fear and stress and exhaustion. 

And… being a writer and creative mentor makes me SUPER aware of how I’m being, and what I need to do.

I remembered what I teach: Your state (the state of your body, emotions, thoughts, energy, and spirit) is the most important thing. 

Here’s what I mean: When we have trouble doing our creative work, it seems like doing that work (or finding the time or energy) is so hard. 

But the truth is, what’s hard isn’t DOING the creative work–it’s getting our emotions, thoughts, energy, and schedule in place so we can.

If you’re in a good state, you’ll find a way to do your creative work–even when life gets tough.

Your state is the most important thing. If you’re in a good state, you’ll find a way to do your creative work–even when life gets tough.

And I had to go back to the basics: 

How to get out of the fear and upset and emotional whirl. 

What to do when I was so f*ing tired. 

How to protect my energy. 

What to do so I could make time for my art (in the middle of dealing with the childcare, the household, my business, everything…). 

How to set things up so I could actually succeed at it.

This is what I’ve learned over the years–and what I teach in the Artist in Action program. 

If you want in, let me know. 

You’ll create a strong, flowing, regular practice of doing your art–in the good times, yes, AND also when your child gets sick, you have to work extra hours for a client, relatives come to visit for two weeks, or your partner is on a business trip. 

You’ll know exactly how to manage your state of being, find time, get started, and create momentum. 

And you’ll USE those skills every day–because you’ve BECOME an artist in action.

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