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Mud into Magic: Mining Last Year’s Failures for This Year’s Success

I’m excited to let you know the Mud into Magic ritual is back on the calendar! It’s happening Monday, January 13 at 1 pm ET.

Here’s how Mud into Magic was inspired: Every new year, so many of us start out with hopeful new goals, and then as we get pulled into the stresses and busyness of their lives, we fall into autopilot and start to lose momentum and hope on our big, ambitious goals.

Recognize this? 

Maybe you even feel it already. Nine days into 2020, and you feel the slowdown of your momentum towards your big goal.

You WANT this to be the year you…

…Publish the novel that wins you the industry awards and changes your career. 

…Get exhibited in the galleries you dream about.

…Write the song that takes off virally.

But, things happen. You get an extra assignment from your client. Your son needs help with a project. You get an awful cold.

You don’t do what you said you would, and you start to feel bad. Will this year be like every other year?

One reason we don’t reach our goals: We haven’t truly dealt with the failures and regrets of the past year–and the dynamics that caused them. 

Maybe you did some journaling–listed your failures, your learnings, and what you’ll do differently. 

All this is great, but it’s not enough.

Unless you energetically come to terms with–and let go of–what led to failure and regret last year, your new learnings stay on the mental level. 

You know what you “should” do, but when fear, self-doubt, or stress come up, it’s easy for you to fall into “autopilot” and react in the old ways. Over time, this means you don’t reach your big goals.

In Mud into Magic, we’ll truly release last year’s regrets and failures… so you can open up for success this coming year.

That success could be whatever you want.

Making enough money to let go of your day job and JUST do your art. 

Finishing the breakout film that goes on to win awards. 

Getting on The New York Times’ bestseller list.

Mud into Magic: Mining Last Year’s Failures for This Year’s Success

Mon 1/13 at 1 pm ET

This circle will be livestreamed from the Artist in Action Facebook group, so to be part of the circle, join the group now.

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