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The Key to Breaking Out as an Artist

Wouldn’t you LOVE to get past being an “emerging writer”… and finally emerge? 😉 

Or stop being an artist with so much (unrealized!) “potential”–and have success instead?

Wouldn’t you rather be the songwriter with a breakout hit or the author with a Pulitzer prizewinning book?

So here’s my belief about breaking through:

You might think you need more talent or technique or time working on your craft…

…but maybe what’s REALLY preventing your breakthrough is some dynamic within you.

Maybe your internal desire for harmony keeps you from bringing out the drama in a story–so that you write beautifully written books that don’t compel your readers.

Maybe your avoidance of failure keeps you from taking the big creative risk with your music or art.  

Maybe your intellectual approach to life keeps you from diving deep into the heart-searing truth… so your films appeal to professors but never pull in big audiences. 

(Do you tell yourself you’re not a “commercial” artist and that true art doesn’t sell? The truth is, there are plenty of artists who are critically AND commercially successful… so if you wouldn’t mind big checks coming in, read on. 😉 )

The truth is, when your creative career is still in the same place despite years (or decades!) of honing your craft and technique, there’s almost definitely something bigger at play: a persistent dynamic within you.

Think of this dynamic as a rock inside you. 

It’s built up over time because of your beliefs, emotional patterns, family or cultural stories, ancestral trauma lodged in the body, or vows carried in your professional or spiritual lineage. 

These are the “ecosystem” and landscape that created this rock inside you.

Unless you change the ecosystem that created the “rock,” the underlying dynamic (your lack of success) will continue. 

And unless you change the ecosystem itself, it doesn’t matter how many insights you have in therapy or how good you feel after a workshop: whatever keeps you from breaking through as an artist will reassert itself.

(You’ve experienced that, right? You’re alight with insight, your mind and heart blown open. You’re at the top of a mountain, breathing clear fresh air and seeing so far. Then a month later… nothing much has changed.)

But it IS possible to change your internal ecosystem–quickly. 

One of my clients was having trouble creating, dealing with a lot of self-doubt and procrastination. 

In a one-hour session, we completely shifted that. She let go of what was holding her back and connected with her “creative edge.” 

Just based on that one session, she started producing much more–and getting published regularly in The New Yorker. A year later, her book came out. It’s been over five years now, and she’s still going strong.

If you want to finally break through as an artist, the Creative Witchery Success Activation is designed to help you do just that.

It reveals why you’ve unknowingly plateaued or blocked your creative potential…

…transforms the core block that keeps you from doing your highest level work for more profit and recognition,

… and opens you to channel the work that leads to the big publications, prizes, and money.

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I can’t wait to celebrate your breakthrough success with you!!

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