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The Most Overlooked Step You Need for Success in 2020

Do you know the most important–but most overlooked–step you need to call in all the creative (and other) success you want in the new year? 

This step lets you get past the pattern of repeating the same mistakes and same disappointing results over and over, year after year.

It clears out the disappointment, self-blame, and worry that you’ll never reach your creative goals.

It creates an opening for joy, confidence, and anticipation. 

It gives you a foundation for success.

What is that step? 

It’s looking at your regrets and mining them for the gold within: what you need to succeed in the coming year.

It’s tempting to bypass this step–after all, regrets are uncomfortable, and we don’t want to get caught in negativity.

It’s tempting to look past those regrets and focus instead on the shiny, exciting part: all the good stuff we want in the new year. 

But, trying to launch into our goals without coming to terms with our regrets is like trying to begin a marathon with your feet still stuck in mud.

When we clear the regrets and disappointment in ourselves, we can discover the gold underneath: the true deep belief in ourselves–and the inner resources and opportunities–that will make our dreams real in 2020.

Coming soon: A virtual circle

*~* MUD INTO MAGIC: Turn Your Regrets into Success in 2020 *~*

In this circle, we’ll clear the regrets you’re holding about 2019 so you can stop repeating the same mistakes and patterns. 

We’ll also uncover the inner gold–the beliefs and steps you need to reach all your big creative goals in 2020.

I’ll be broadcasting from the Artist in Action Facebook group, so join us there!

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