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Yes, Please!

It was hard to write today

After what happened at the Capitol yesterday, it was hard to write this morning. I woke up at 3:15 am, peeked at my phone, and couldn’t resist checking the news–NOT something I recommend for sleep OR writing!

This morning I had to pull myself back from the news and social media so many times… but ultimately I got my writing done. What saved me were the things (mindsets, practices, creative foundation…) I’ve developed over the years.  

These things have kept me writing (and sane!!) through the political upheaval, the rising pandemic numbers, the repeated school shutdowns and days filled with remote schooling. 

But, my ability to write during these times didn’t come easy. It took me years to develop these practices. Reflecting on that makes it possible to write during intense and difficult times, I think of three things:

1. Your state of being–Your physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual state of being

If this is messed up, you could have problems with energy, focus, inspiration, motivation, the courage to keep going, and so much more.

2. The strong foundation of a writing (artistic/creative) habit

You brush your teeth in the morning and evening, right? Even during the pandemic, even during big political events?

If doing your art is “just what you do,” it’s so much easier to do your work, even when the world is going crazy. 

3. Structures to help you keep going until you finish

Community, accountability, support, and the feeling that what you create matters: many emerging or aspiring artists don’t have these–but they’re crucial when you hit the tough periods in your career, or when big, dramatic outside events rock the world.

Because of all that’s been happening this past year, I’ve been very careful about my commitments and haven’t run a lot of new programs. 

But, I’m thinking of opening my Artist in Action program, where we put these three pieces in place, so you can do your art regularly and easily.

Let me know if you’re interested–and I’ll be in touch when I open it up! (Email me at and put “Artist in Action” in the subject line.)

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