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Yes, Please!

“People like us” don’t get to do our creative work

“People like us don’t get to do our creative work.”

There it was. The belief lodged inside me like a knot, blocking everything.

My parents came from Taiwan, a country that was saving and sacrificing and working hard to climb to prosperity. They chose practical work. My father was interested in history but became an engineer.. My mother was musically and artistically talented but chose chemistry and later computer science. Coming to the US as immigrants made them even more practicality- and security-minded.  

“People like us” don’t get to do our creative work.

That unconscious belief had shaped all my actions: How I chose to support myself. The way I froze up when an editor expressed interest in my manuscript. The tiny daily choices about how I spent my time.

Even though I’d achieved a certain level of success (MFA from a top writing program, “prestigious” literary magazine internships, successful writing biz, VP at a Madison Avenue agency), when it came to writing and my writing career, I was always pushing a boulder uphill.

(Yes, you can have this unconscious belief EVEN IF you have a creative career, and EVEN IF you’re successful.)

This belief can put a huge roadblock in front of your real creative work–and the kind of success you really want.

If you UNCONSCIOUSLY believe “people like you” don’t get to do your creative work, here’s how it can show up:

  • You give most of your time and energy to your creative day job or your “commercially viable” creative work.

(It’s the safe thing to do, since you’re not going to be successful at your true creative work, right?)

  • You procrastinate about doing your true creative work.

(It’s scary to keep facing down the belief that you won’t succeed with it; so of course you avoid it!!)

  • You sabotage yourself when opportunities come up.

(You freeze up when you get the chance to show your manuscript to a well-known editor, present your work on a big stage, or meet an industry leader you admire.)

  • You hold back in subtle ways even when you do pursue opportunities.

Maybe, while others gush with excitement about their own work, you hesitate to say too much because you’re afraid of being a braggart. Or you don’t go all out when you perform. Or you say, “Oh, I’m not ready,” when someone offers you a big break.

  • Without knowing it, you signal to the outside world (agents, editors, curators, buyers, readers, audiences) that you’re not ready for success.


The good news is, you CAN transform this unconscious belief.

(And, if you’re reading this and relating, then your soul is sending you a message: IT’S TIME.)

Those unconscious beliefs are NOT THE TRUTH. They’re just fears passed down by generations of ancestors. Leftover furniture from lives that aren’t yours.

In my program, True Creative Success, we uncover those unconscious beliefs about what you get to do as a creative person–and replace them with the TRUTH: That you love to do your creative work. That it’s fun. That you are a powerful creator. That your creativity is a gift to the world.

And when you GET those truths, deep down, magic happens.

Instead of the pressure to give all your time to your day job or commercial work, you’ll have breathing room–and easily find time and space to do your own creative work.

All that self-sabotage? Replaced by SEEING those previously hidden fears for what they are… and the courage and ability to CHOOSE your creativity instead.

The procrastinating perfectionism? Replaced by the simple joy of just doing your work.

The subtle holding back? Replaced by a simple, pure ability to share your enthusiasm for your work.

Plus: A new level of success finds you–because instead of subtly signalling (without realizing it!) to the world that you’re not ready and don’t believe in yourself, you show up.

It’s no longer a big deal to be enthusiastic about your own work, or share it widely, or reach out for opportunities: it’s just a natural outgrowth of who you are and what you do.

You let your love and talent and creativity be the beacon they are. And you draw in the success.

Is it your time?

If you’re ready, email me and let me know.

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