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The Secret to Cutting Through Those Critical Voices

Ready to cut through those critical voices that sabotage your creative work sessions?

There you are, writing away, when the thought strikes: “This scene isn’t working. It’s not quite believable.” 

As you think about it more, you start to feel doubt: “What if I can’t get this scene to work? The story isn’t going to work if I can’t get this scene.” 

Then, “I’ve been working on this story so long, and I still don’t have it. It’s just not publishable. And I got that other rejection last week. My career is going nowhere. Maybe I’m just not good enough…”

These are your critical voices–working overtime, sabotaging your ability to do your creative work. 

Of course, an inner editor is important for quality control. 

Want to know the difference between an inner editor that SUPPORTS your creative work and one that sabotages it?

It’s whether your editor is mixed up with all your past pain.

If you have a “Wounded Editor,” your editor will be barraging you with negative judgments that have NOTHING to do with your art.  

(If you’ve got an “Empowered Editor,” it will NOT cut you down. Instead, it will make discerning judgments and make your work better.)

So, do you have a Wounded Editor or an Empowered Editor?

Signs that you’ve got a Wounded Editor:

  • Judgments about your work are loaded with value judgments about YOU 
  • Negative feedback is filled with strong emotions like disgust, contempt, guilt, and shame
  • The critical voices barge in randomly, interrupting and drowning out creative inspiration
  • The critical voices sound a lot like the way you criticize yourself in other areas of your life
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Signs that you’ve got an Empowered Editor:

  • Judgments about your work aren’t connected to judgments about your worth
  • Judgments are grounded and calm–not connected to excessive emotion
  • Your editor works with your creative process, coming in when you need to assess if something’s working and stepping back so you can get back to the work
  • Critiques of your work are not echoes of negative things you say about yourself–but genuine judgments about the work that stand on their own

If you have a Wounded Editor, it will shut down your art–unless you heal it.

I do this with my clients.

Once you heal the Wounded Editor and put the Empowered Editor in charge, your editor becomes your ALLY, helping you do the best creative work possible.

This means…

…You can do your creative work without being overrun by critical voices.

… You can do your work regularly and easily… and keep going until your work is done.

…You can do high quality work… novels that get published, paintings that get chosen for exhibits, compositions that win grants, all that good stuff.

And all this boosts your creative career in powerful ways.

So if you want to cut through those critical voices and start kicking out the pages (or paintings, songs, or dances), let’s talk.

I’ve put together a program–ARTIST IN ACTION–for talented, hard-working, writers and artists who want to stop the spinning and mind games–and DO their creative work.

Interested? Email me!

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